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     IT’S HERE!!! – After years of writing, revising, editing, querying agents and editors, pre-publication design, marketing, and more, ASLAN: RUNNING JOY is officially out in the world!!

     I am a jumble of emotions right now, and I’m trying to take this all in. Yet, there’s so much work to be done that I’m struggling to slow down and live it. Every once in a while, a shiver breaks through the hustle, and it crawls up my spine and tingles across my scalp.

     I’m a published author. The book is in the hands of the readers.

     At this point, all I can do is hope you all enjoy Aslan’s story.





     LISTEN TO THE AUDIOBOOK!! – Are you interested in the audiobook of ASLAN: RUNNING JOY but would like to hear it first? Watch the below video and listen to a section from the first chapter. The narrator is the talented Brittany Stevenson. You can get the audiobook for download pretty much everywhere audiobooks are sold. The book is available on audio CD as well! (and paperback and ebook, too) Check it out!




     THANK YOU!! – A massive thank you to all that have made this possible. You can find the list on the Acknowledgements page in the book. What’s missing on that page is my launch team, formed after the book’s creation. Thank you to the dedicated members of my launch team. It takes a village to birth a book. It truly does.


     AER YOU INTERESTED IN DOG AGILITY? – After reading the book, some readers may want to get involved in the incredible sport of dog agility. You can get started by visiting an agility trial near you and talking to the local competitors. They can tell you the best area agility trainers who then can get you started on your team’s journey.

    Remember, it’s a game! Use positive training methods and make it fun for the dog.



     FACT OR FICTION – ASLAN: RUNNING JOY is an #ownvoices book, meaning I pulled from my experiences as a teen kidney transplant survivor and adult disabled agility handler and infused them throughout the book. Plus, I gave the personality of the “real” Aslan to the fictional Aslan in the book, and I tossed in some real family stories that are fictionalized to fit the book. So, while the whole book IS fiction, what parts are inspired by fact?

     Visit my blog, read the FACT OR FICTION entry, and get the scoop.



  HOW CAN YOU HELP? – One of the questions authors get asked is, “What can I do to help?” Authors love this question. While some writers have Patreon pages for financial support, I’d like to go the free route. Here are two easy, cashless things you can do that will go a LONG way toward helping me get established as an author.

  • LEAVE A REVIEW – This one is huge. Really huge. Online booksellers like Amazon often look at the number of book reviews when determining what books to promote. PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW. It only has to be a few sentences long. That’s all. Below are a few websites where you can post your review.
  • SPREAD THE WORD – Yep. Plain-old word of mouth is still the number one method for getting readers. If you like the book, tell you friends. Post about it on social media. Ask your local library to carry it. Word of mouth is probably the best way for you to become a valued patron of the arts.


Amazon:  amzn.com/163357329X

Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/aslan-kristin-kaldahl/1137785802

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55564143-aslan




Book signings

     Signings are planned for 2022. Stay tuned!!



     I had a fantastic time talking with host Kimberly Mckay on her “A Novel Thought” podcast. She had some intriguing questions, and the time just flew! You can it out here:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/author-and-agility-trainer-kristin-kaldahl/id1523202770?i=1000524286477


     Host Cheryl Kaye on Pet Life Radio’s “Unleashed” was a joy to visit with. Her humor and enthusiasm for animals is contagious. Listen here:  https://www.audible.com/pd/Unleashed-Episode-43-Running-Joy-Podcast/B09BZVKK8S


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    I write novels, but I also blog. My favorite blogging topics are dog agility, dog training, organ transplants, dog care, and more about dogs. You can find my blogs either on this website by clicking Blogor on HubPages(click here.)


What is kristin working on?

       ASLAN: RUNNING JOY has been released so I’m still hopping with all the exciting trappings of marketing a new book. It’s hard, never-ending work but rewarding, too.

     My second novel, BORN TO BOND (working title) will be out on submission soon. It’s a far different genre than ASLAN: RUNNING JOY. I’ve gone from young adult contemporary to middle grade fantasy, and yes, both books are about dogs. I’m excited about BORN TO BOND and look forward to seeing what publishers think.

    While my second book is out on submission, I am putting the final polish on my third book—the second in the Middle Grade fantasy series. I LOVE this second-in-the-series book and can’t wait to get it in my agent’s hands.

     After that is finished, I’ll go back to other projects waiting in the queue. All of these are in the beginning stages. I so enjoy working on the first draft where I bring characters, their world, and their stories to life on the blank computer screen. I can’t wait to finish these books and put them in the hands of readers. And for the fans of ASLAN: RUNNING JOY clambering for another book, I hear you. One of these projects is ASLAN 2!!

    Lastly, as always, I am kicking around a few short story ideas as contest fodder, just for fun.