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     AUDIOBOOK RELEASE DATE SET – Things are gathering momentum as we near the launch date of ASLAN: RUNNING JOY. It’s a dizzying process and terribly exciting.

     The audiobook has been recorded and is receiving final edits at Tantor Media, which just set the release date for the audiobook. And, huzzah! It matches the release date of the paperback and ebook. June 1st, 2021 is the big day! Keep checking your favorite audiobook download site to see when it’s up for preorder.

     Tantor snagged the talented Brittany Stevenson of Guthrie, OK, as narrator for ASLAN. It’s a full Oklahoma project! Brittany is perfect because as an Oklahoman, she can nail the Okie accent required in the book. I haven’t heard it yet but can’t wait for the chance. I know Brittany personally and know her reading voice. This will be great.

    Aside from audiobook news, we are busy with social media giveaways, creation of free ASLAN swag, and scheduling upcoming events, which include podcast(s), interviews, blog tours, book signings, and more. Come back often to see if I will be popping up at an in-person location or virtual stop near you.

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     What am I giving away? All sorts of fun stuff including bookmarks, book plates, and book sleeves (protectors). Book sleeves are often sold for around $20 a piece. You slip your books into them and then throw them into your suitcase or purse. It eliminates bent covers, wrinkled pages, and scuffmarks on your personal book collection. (See photo)

     AND, of course, I’m giving away BOOKS! Right now on LibraryThing, I have a book giveaway going. You can get a free advanced review copy of ASLAN: RUNNING JOY before it’s even released!

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     I can’t express how much everyone’s support has meant to me. I am truly blessed to have such a strong fan-base this early in my career. Each purchase means more to me than I can express.




     ASLAN: RUNNING JOY IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW – “Aslan: Running Joy” is now available for pre-order at most book outlets either on-line or through your favorite local book store! It will release on June 1st, 2021, but you can pre-order yours so it’s sent to you the day it releases. RUNNING JOY can currently be ordered in paperback and e-book only, but an audiobook should also be available for pre-order closer to summer.

    Thanks for your support! Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions about the book. It’s always fantastic to hear from readers!



    COVER REVEAL – Here it is!! The beautiful cover of my debut novel! A HUGE thank you to the talented folks at CrossLink Publishing for this cover that hits not only the trendy young adult red-and-black silhouette look but also the evergreen beauty of a classic cinematic photo. These two trends in one cover make me an awfully happy author. And, bonus! That’s the REAL Aslan, too!!


     AUDIOBOOK DEAL WITH TANTOR MEDIA SIGNED – MORE BIG BOOK NEWS!!! I signed an audiobook deal with Tantor Media, a division of Recorded Books, for the audiobook rights to ASLAN: RUNNING JOY, my first book!!! Those of you who listen to audiobooks may well recognize Tantor and Recorded Books. I am SO EXCITED!! This means that busy dog lovers who don’t have time to sit and read a book can listen as they commute, walk dogs, clean, etc. As far as I know, the book (and hopefully audiobook) will come out next spring, 2021.

     And I will be having a BOOK COVER REVEAL soon!! We are putting the finishing touches on the cover and WOW, am I thrilled with it!! I can’t wait to show it to you all. Pre-orders for the print and e-book formats will be available when I reveal the cover.

     With this incredible audiobook deal, ASLAN: RUNNING JOY will be available in paperback, e-book, audiobook, AND possibly hardback! A huge thanks to my literary agent Stephanie Hansen of Metamorphosis Literary and all the folks at Tantor!  


     KRISTIN SIGNS BOOK DEAL WITH CROSSLINK PUBLISHING – News like this can’t have too many exclamation marks!!! I signed a book contract with CrossLink Publishing for my debut novel, ASLAN: RUNNING JOY!!!! The book is tentatively scheduled to be released in spring or summer 2021. The deal was brokered by the unstoppable Stephanie Hansen of Metamorphosis Literary. CrossLink, a traditional publisher, has the most gorgeous paperback books I have seen in ages. The quality is amazing! I am thrilled to be working with them.

     As almost all authors say, getting published was a childhood dream of mine. As a child, I wanted to write a novel in the vein of Albert Payson Terhune’s LAD: A DOG but with modern sensibilities toward dogs, dog training methodologies, and humanity. My book is about a fourteen-year-old girl who, after becoming disabled by dialysis, fights to overcome her fears and reclaim her life with a sheltie runt in the fast-paced sport of dog agility. The book is for teens through adults, so it’s a fun read for almost any age group.

     I received the final contract for the book the same weekend I was competing at a dog agility trial with my current sheltie, Aenon. My supportive agility friends gathered mid-trial to cheer me as I signed the electronic contract. Here is the video of a kid’s dream coming true.




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    I write novels, but I also blog. My favorite blogging topics are dog agility, dog training, organ transplants, dog care, and more about dogs. You can find my blogs either on this website by clicking Blogor on HubPages(click here.)


What is kristin working on?

     ASLAN: RUNNING JOY is finished! Launch date is June 1st. I am busy with interviews, blog tours, social media, and all the trapping of marketing a new book. 

     In between working on ASLAN, I am working on my second novel, FYR. It has been sent to my agent, and will be undergoing  a name change. Check back for that!! After my agent is satisfied with our edits, it will go out on submission. Stay tuned for updates.

     FYR ia a far different genre than ASLAN: RUNNING JOY. I’ve gone from young adult contemporary to young adult fantasy, and yes, both books are about dogs. I’m excited about FYR and look forward to seeing what publishers think.

    In addition, I am kicking around a few blog and short story ideas. You never know when a new blog will pop up on my HubPages account.